Power Out Parkinson's Facebook Group

The key to success is commitment. And to stay committed, you need to stay actively engaged in a supportive community that shares your goals. That's why we created the Power Out Parkinson's™ Facebook Group.

The group is "closed" - meaning you have to request to join - to protect the privacy of member comments, but all are free to join. To highlight just a few member benefits...

  • organize impromptu meet-ups (e.g., coffee, yoga, walk, etc.)
  • be informed about upcoming local events
  • share your story and start a dialogue with fellow Parkies
  • learn from Parkies and Parki-lovers about new resources

Click the button below to join the group. It just takes a minute, and it's FREE! Once your request is accepted, drop a quick note introducing yourself:

  • who you are and where you're from
  • whether you have PD or love someone with PD (if so, who?)
  • a fun fact about yourself (e.g., Personally, I have an irrational fear of dolls and mannequins. I don't think it's that weird, really.)