Our Mission: Bully Prevention

Lea's Story

High School was a hard time for me. For two years I was the target of a discreet but relentless bullying campaign. I lost almost every friend I had, and in a class of only 85, there weren't many places to turn. As a parent, it devastates me to think of my kids experiencing the same emotional pain and isolation. 

Unfortunately, 60,000 students are bullied every day in the US, and thousands more stay home because of the threats and shaming that they receive online. Watch this video from Norton Security to understand just what I mean:

How We Give

In this era of relentless financial cuts, schools are often unable to fund anti-bullying programs to make school a safe place to learn. That's why we help fund programs to create bully-free schools where all students are included.

When you make a purchase from Zuma Blu, you empower us to make the following charitable contributions:

  • Zuma Blu donates 10% of annual net proceeds to bully prevention charities
  • Up to 100% of profits from Flash Sales go to charity
  • 100% of net proceeds from our inaugural charity bike ride in September will go to charity
  • Join our just-for-fun clubs on Strava (Bike | Walk/Run) and we'll match your miles for dollars (10:1)

Together, we can help make schools an inclusive community for our kids.